In the realm of haute couture, every piece is a work of art, and each catwalk serves as a stage where designers weave their visions into reality with fabric and flair.

About Sintace

Weaving Style Stories -
From Gaming to Music to Fashion

Sintace is more than just a company — it embodies the persona of its founder Dominique, who is known as Sintace online.
The journey began with “Sintace Roleplay”, an online game server.
Though it didn’t achieve significant success, it marked the beginning of a broader creative venture. Shifting gears, Dominique launched “Sintace Music”. It’s phonk music label that continues to thrive on all major streaming platforms today.
Inspired by this momentum, Dominique ventured into the fashion industry along with close friends.
They established Sintace Clothing, a brand that caters to streetwear aficionados as well as motorcycle and car enthusiasts.
And here we are today — Sintace Clothing—where passion meets style.

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